Wednesday, 27 September 2017

16-year-old boy ‘loses m@nh00d’ After Shaking Hands With Stranger in Abuja

16-year-old boy ‘loses m@nh00d’ After Shaking Hands With Stranger in Abuja

16-year-old boy ‘loses m@nh00d’ After Shaking Hands With Stranger in Abuja

A 16 years old boy named Salvation from Abia State, claimed that his m@nh00d shrank and that he was unable to urinate after shaking hands with one Usman.

According to a witness, Usman, an electrician from Nasarawa State, went to the area in search of a brothel.

Usman’s first point of contact was Salvation, who after showing him the direction to the br0thel noticed some physical changes on him and raised alarm.

The incident attracted the attention of passers-by who pounced on Usman.

When PREMIUM TIMES arrived the scene of the incident, Usman was in the custody of soldiers who had rescued him from the mob.

Narrating the incident, a teary-eyed Salvation said he had never set his eyes on Usman until that night.

“I locked my brother’s shop around 7:45 p.m. to go and watch Arsenal match. This guy (Usman) came to ask me to ask for ‘Ash@wo’ ($3x worker) joint is in this area. I pointed the way to him and afterwards, he shook my hand.

“When he shook my hand, I just felt a change in my body, I felt something left me. I tried to urinate but I couldn’t. That was how I raised alarm and people held him (Usman),” he said.

After the alarm, residents and traders in the area reportedly accosted Usman, beat him up and were about lynching him before soldiers from the Post-service Amy Estate came to his rescue.’

Usman, a father of two, however denied using charms to ‘take’ Salvation’s m@nh00d.

“I came to the area and asked him where I can get an Ash@wo joint. He showed me the place and that was all. Before I knew what was happening, people were already beating me, accusing me of taking his m@nh00d. I don’t have any ‘juju’ and I don’t know anything about it. Today is the first day I will attempt to visit an Ash@wo joint,” he said.

After hours of pacifying Usman to undo the charm, one of the sympathisers suggested Salvation be taken to a br0thel to “test if the m@nh00d has been restored.”

Heeding the advice, Salvation was led to a br0thel where he was reportedly able to ej@cul@te with the aid of a $3x worker.

Usman, however, remained in custody of the soldiers perhaps for his safety.



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