Tuesday, 25 April 2017

WhatsApp Just Added 4 New Important Features, Check Them Out

WhatsApp Just Added 4 New Important Features, Check Them Out

WhatsApp Just Added 4 New Important Features, Check Them Out

Users of Apple iPhone are in for a treat as WhatsApp has rolled out some new features. WhatsApp released update (v2.17.2) for its iOS app which includes some visual changes to the app. The usual bugfixes and improvements are included as well. The update includes 4 major changes which are:

>> 1. Visual changes to the app Visual enhancements have been made to contacts info, group info screens and calls tab. The user interface (UI) is now cleaner and includes a two-step verification, group info, contact info and calls. The icons are also newer.

>> 2. Select multiple statuses With the new update, iPhone users can select multiple statuses at once under the My Updates screen, which can then be forwarded to others or deleted.

>> 3. Ability to make Siri read out the latest WhatsApp messages The new update allows Siri to read out the latest WhatsApp messages received by the user. Users can have Siri read their messages by saying, "Hey Siri, and ask, Read my last WhatsApp message."

Once the command is given, Siri will tell the user who has sent the last message and read it out. Users will also be if they wish to replay the messages received. The user will even be asked by Siri to reply to messages if need be, by dictating the message to Siri directly.

WhatsApp Just Added 4 New Important Features, Check Them Out

4. Support for the Persian language The new WhatsApp update supports the the Persian language in the messaging app. The 90MB WhatsApp update will only work for users with iOS 10.3+ version on their Apple iPhone.

Over the months, WhatsApp has added a number of new features to the messaging app.. It recently added a "stories" feature called status. You can either select the content saved on your phone’s gallery or click pictures and videos from within the app itself and use it as status which disappears after 24 hours.

About two weeks ago, the WhatsApp beta update which arrives in the new WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 had a series of new features which users have surely been asking for since the developers stopped supporting some smartphones in December 2016.



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