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How m@sturb@tion, aggressive $£x could break p£n!s - Experts

How m@sturb@tion, aggressive $£x could break p3n!s - Experts

How m@sturb@tion, aggressive $£x could break p3n!s - Experts

Medical experts in Nigeria have revealed that excessive m@sturb@tion and aggressive $£x could break the p£n!s.
Making the revelation is a Consultant Public Health Physician and Professor of Community Health, Bayo Onajole and a Consultant Public Health Physician, Dr. (Mrs) Omowunmi Bakare.

The two doctors affirmed that the human p£n!s, could actually break.

DAILYPOST recently reported that a man broke his p£n!s while having marathon $£x with his wife.

Bakare said the p£n!s could actually break when it experiences too much force such as when there is an excessive m@sturb@tion.

She told New Telegraph, "The force involved in the m@sturb@tion can affect the p£n!s resulting in its fracture.

"Aggressive $£xual intercourse or violent $£x such as when a man r@p£s a very strong woman, such a man can fracture his p£n!s.

"Also, when a man is not in control of the situation such as when he is not on top of his spouse during $£x, his p£n!s can break."

Explaining further she added, "Usually, adopting the missionary method during $£x when the man is on top of the spouse, he is able to manoeuvre, knowing when and where to p£n£trat£.

"But in a situation where the woman is on top, the man cannot control anything, a p£n!s fracture can occur easily."

Bakare said trauma in the muscles of the org@n could also lead to fracture.

P£n!s fracture is the rupture of one or both of the "", the fibrous coverings that envelop the p£n!s' c0rpora cav£rnosa.

Also speaking, Prof. Onajole said, "When a p£n!s is turgid, it's like a bone temporarily and under that condition it can fracture."

Onajole, who is a professor of Community Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, explaind further, "Anything that can cause a sudden bending of the p£n!s when it is turgid is a risk factor."

Prof. Onajole, however, urged men to be gentle during $£x and advised them to use lubricants when necessary in order to avoid fracture.

Also, he encouraged proper packing of the p£n!s.

His words, "This will ensure that when it is turgid and experiences sudden force, there will be some restrain on it.

"When the p£n!s is turgid, it is like a bone; if you put sudden pressure on a bone, it will break.

"What happens is that the muscle of the p£n!s that is strengthened when turgid will suddenly break and the continuity of the fibres in the p£n!s will break. That is why a p£n!s fractures."



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