Sunday, 23 April 2017

Go After Secondary School Girls, They Are Naive – Corp Member Advises Men (photo)

Go After Secondary School Girls, They Are Naive – Corp Member Advises Men (photo)

Go After Secondary School Girls, They Are Naive – Corp Member Advises Men (photo)

A serving corp member and an English teacher at the Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC) Awka, Immanuel Ifediata, has taken to Facebook to advice men to leave fine girls and older ladies, because they all now have the 'runs girl' mentality.

According to Ifediata, gone are the days when ladies choose their partners, based on prospects. He went further to disclose that ladies now choose their men based on wallets.

However, Ifediata said that if you need a girl without the runs girls' mentality and not yet c0rrupt, the man should go for secondary school girls or those who just finished their WASSCE or NECO exams.

He said:
“In this era of slay queens and Instagram celebs, it is very difficult to find a single, decent, beautiful, intelligent and mature lady that is worth settling down with.

Almost every fine girl now has the ‘runs girl’ mentality. Gone are the days when ladies choose their partners based on prospects. Now, it’s based on wallet. Working class ladies too have also developed this ‘runs girl’ mentality that ‘my man must reward me financially’ as if rel@tionship is an employment.

I tell you, if you need a girl who hasn’t yet been corrupted by the ‘runs girl’ mentality, you will have to keep an eye on senior secondary school girls. Once the girl you like finishes her WASSCE and NECO exams, propose to her. These young ones are very loyal and naive.

Last week, one girl in the unity college where I teach approached me after their WASSCE exam and told me she was hungry. So I told her to go to the tuck shop and take anything she wants to eat.

I expected her to consume at least 500 but by the time I came to pay the bill, the sales girl said it’s N100. I burst into laughter. Go and catch them young. Leave the old cargoes for those who willingly decide to be their maga.“

see post below:
Go After Secondary School Girls, They Are Naive – Corp Member Advises Men (photo)

In another post on Sunday, April 23, Immanuel Ifediata has come out to debunk his earlier statement saying:

"Where did it say in my post that men should propose to secondary school girls and have $£x with under-aged girls?

Why would people who seek to pull me down thwart my words and use it against me? Does proposing to a girl who has finished from secondary school {who is not under-aged} mean the same thing as d@ting secondary school girls and asking under-aged girls out for a rel@tionship?

Are there not secondary school leavers who are well above 23 years of age in public schools?"



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